The Beginning

I started Gentleman Jeweler to help men improve something we tend to do poorly – express our emotions. This particular gentleman had never intended to become a jeweler, but over the years of my marriage, I found that jewelry aided me in expressing my love. The beauty, history, and value of fine jewelry make it the perfect medium to embody that which we struggle to put into words. Yet, I felt something was lacking… Men shop differently than women, and I for one, found that browsing through hundreds of pictures got me further from my goal. I wanted to find pieces that matched my wife’s style, but then discovered a whole new problem – I didn’t actually know what my wife’s style was. So, I started to ask her how men can figure it out. With her help, I thought there were many men like me out there, who could benefit from what I learned.

The Journey

Gentleman Jeweler’s journey is like that of a gem. It takes stress and extreme conditions to form a gem – anyone who has started a business can relate. When discovered, a gem is in a rough, unpolished state – like my CAD skills that had lain dormant since college. The gem is cut, polished and set into a piece to create something beautiful and lasting – I hope you agree that we’ve created something beautiful and I want to thank you for taking this journey with us.