Timeless Jewelry
The best gifts are thoughtful and have meaning. This is why Gentleman Jeweler designs by collection, not by individual pieces. Each collection embodies a certain spirit, a specific aesthetic, and is the first step in finding her the perfect gift.
Cabochon Jewelry Collection


Jewelry has captured our imaginations since pre-historic times, but it was not until the Renaissance period that jewelers invented techniques to cut faceted gemstones. For the woman who loves history and tradition the Cabochon Collection offers the beauty and simplicity of antiquity. Far from stuffy, though, Gentleman Jeweler’s reimagining of this classic contrasts the smoothness of the gemstone with a unique 5 star prong setting. What’s old is new again. Choose her corresponding birthstone or anniversary stone creating a gift for the ages.


In contrast to the oldest gemstone cut – the Cabochon – the Princess cut originated in the 1960’s. Sharp and angular lines give this Collection a more modern feel (have you checked out our Style Guide?) subtle enough to stand the test of time. If she doesn’t have staples like huggies earrings or an anniversary band in her jewelry box, you’ve found the perfect gift. Choose her corresponding birthstone or anniversary stone creating a gift that balances timeless and modern.

And then literally tell her (I’m not joking), “I looked in your jewelry box and saw that you didn’t have any diamond huggies, a staple in any woman’s wardrobe. So I got you these (insert your personal story here) Princess cut garnets that reminded me of your favorite lipstick shade, dark red.” She may wonder who you are and what you did with her guy, but she’ll definitely be impressed.

Princess Cut Jewelry
Vintage Jewelry


Our inspiration from this collection started with a necklace Scarlett O’Hara wore in Gone With The Wind. We designed our Vintage Necklace first, then the other pieces fell in beautifully. Reminiscent of a bygone era when people took the time to be formal, we recommend this collection for a special occasion. Make it a point to slow down, take your time, take her somewhere special, reminisce…

Still Not Sure?

Gentleman Jeweler’s mission is to help men find the perfect gift for the special woman in their lives. Schedule a 15 minute style consultation and we’ll help you give her a thoughtful, meaningful, lasting gift.